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Here and Now Logo Here and Now
by David Crawford
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Communication is no longer dictated by traditional paradigms of leaving and arriving in space, but rather by the speed of information exchange in real time. This trend is altering what it means to be "here" and "now."
Distance Logo Distance
by Tina LaPorta
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Distance explores our desire for communication, through connection and disconnection, via fluctuations in transmission and reception between geographically separated participants mediated by the surface of the screen.

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Illusions Logo Illusions
by Zoe Beloff
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Illusions is a call to reinvest moving images with the marvelous. This site will project you on a journey criss-crossing numerous conceptual constellations, illuminating a host of parallel cinemas, past, present and future.

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Mouse.Dance Logo Mouse.Dance
by Neil Zusman with Arthur Aviles
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

An interactive animated website that resembles a game but sometimes acts more like a film. It explores dance concepts like synchronicity, (a child said Cunningham's dances were like looking at the inside of a clock), space, movement, and "assisted" aleatory composition.
Sampling Broadway Logo Sampling Broadway
by Annette Weintraub
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Sampling Broadway is a virtual tour of five downtown locations along New York City's famous street. The site equates the city with media space through a sampling of images, movies, and animations interspersed with text, voice-over narration and sounds of the street. Weintraub's experimental, multi-layered environment examines the power of place to affect perception, as a series of visual and textual narratives reveal elements of the real, historical and imagined Broadway.

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Finding Time Logo Finding Time
with Jesse Gilbert and Scott Rosenberg
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Finding Time sought to provide a framework for musical collaboration across multiple sites on planet Earth. Instrumentalists on each of the six populated continents were connected through the Internet in an evolving composition that included improvisation and drone music. As the piece evolved, a visual interface was developed to incorporate bio-feedback information from listeners and bio-sensor apparatuses around the world. The aim was to create a world-wide feedback loop.
I-Section Logo I-Section
by Friederike Paetzold
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

I-Section is about the aesthetics of dissection, the emotional resonance associated with internal organs and what is left when the body has been taken apart. Inspired by 18th-century anatomical mannequins, the piece takes the form of an interactive dissection with metaphorical ruminations rather than scientific explanations for results.
Theatralis Logo Theatralis
by Eric & Michelle Riel
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Theatralis explores theatre for the net. Traditionally, theatre is defined as a live, text-based performance narrative, experienced by a collective audience. Theatralis investigates the paradigmatic shift of the performative, narrative, technological, and interactive experience through the individual, mediated web interface.
Switch Logo Switch
by Marek Walczak
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

At the beginning, Switch becomes It by a mouse over movement, mimicking the action of turning a switch on or off and making us aware of the countless times we do this every day, no matter what activity we are engaged in. Thus, Switch immediately draws our attention to the fact that technology and interactivity have become a necessary, everpresent part of our lives, and the forceful tone of this statement continues to resonate throughout the work.

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Commission Control Logo Commission Control
by Andy Deck and Joe Dellinger

Commission Control draws upon divergent representations of contemporary warfare. Begun before the escalation of war in the Balkans, this work responds to the anti-social imperatives of war industry, and to the relationship between military industries and the media. Notwithstanding the potential consequences of non-intervention, a pacifist position must be presented coherently to the public.
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