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World of Awe: Portal Logo World of Awe: Portal
by Yael Kanarek et. al.
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Portal is an interactive net.dance in three parts that follows a traveler passing from the physical world to a virtual world called the Sunset/Sunrise. The work touches on the spatial and aesthetic relationship between virtual and physical spaces, as well as the relationship between user and digital content. [Needs Flash Player 6; high bandwidth]

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Data Diaries Logo Data Diaries
by Cory Arcangel
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

Data Diaries is 11 hours of video footage which was generated by tricking Quicktime into thinking the RAM of a home computer is video. This was done once for each day in January 2003. Watch as Cory's emails, letters, webpages, DSL data, songs, and anything else he worked on that day float by as a totally-psyched attention deficit disorder 15 frames per second video experience. [Needs Quicktime plugin]

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Lost Guides Logo Lost Guides
by Angie Eng et al
with funds from the Jerome Foundation

The Lost Guides website uses content generated from a live, streaming, audio/visual performance at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, on April 15, 2003. 'Agents' were selected to interpret the Lost Guides' visions as a cinematic event. They included Angie Eng, Benton Bainbridge, Gabrielle Latessa, and Liminal Projects. [Needs Quicktime and RealPlayer plugins]
Ekpurosis Logo Ekpurosis
by Xavier Pehuet
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Ekpurosis is a micro-universe in a state of random, periodic regeneration. It puts the user in an environment that is constantly mutating. The user can inject new sources of material into the work (jpegs or gifs) to be absorbed into, and contribute to, the generation of the work. [Needs Shockwave Player]
N.A.G. Logo
by Jason Freeman
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

N.A.G. (NETWORK AURALIZATION FOR GNUTELLA) turns search queries on the Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing network into chaotic audio collages. The software downloads MP3 files matching the search keyword(s) and remixes them in real time based on the structure of the network itself. [Needs Mac OS X, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. This piece no longer functions.]

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Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside Logo Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside
by Joseph Lefèvre and Martine Koutnouyan
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Au bord du fleuve/On the Riverside is a poetic portrayal of the St. Lawrence River. The site replicates the river's ambient calmness and serenity. Users embark on a journey that begins with an interface of aquatic images and continues with the exploration and discovery of animated 'mosaics': panoramic views, sailors' songs and seagulls' cries; and animated shorts. [Needs Flash Player 6]
Inter-face Logo Inter-face
by David Jhave Johnston
with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts

Inter-face is a video-mixer, sound-shredder and poetic notebook. Composited words explode from the mouth, or the eyes, or the skin, and leap and land or collide against other bodies, other objects. Inter-face utilizes composited video output from ActiveText and some sound files generated by IXI software within a Flash GUI. [Needs Flash Player 6]
Stop Motion Studies – Tokyo Logo Stop Motion Studies – Tokyo, Series 8, 9 & 10
by David Crawford
with funds from the LEF Foundation

Crawford's Stop Motion Studies are experimental documentaries that chronicle his interaction with subway passengers in cities around the world. His goal is to create an international character study based on the aspects of identity that emerge. Series 8 was shot in Tokyo, Japan. [Needs Netscape or Explorer 5.0+ & Flash 6.0+]

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Peter Horvath Logo Peter Horvath

Horvath's works are non-interactive, net.based videos engaging us in the possibility of technological intimacy. They are multilayered and created with a logic and aesthetic endemic of the web, while referencing surrealist and collage explorations of film. [Needs Explorer 5, high bandwidth, Quicktime 6 plugin]

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co~dec Logo co~dec
by M. Takeo Magruder

With co~dec, M. Takeo Magruder continues his quest to create art/media hybrids for the net. It is a "translation" of a one hour CNN news broadcast that has been dissected, compressed—in time, space, and color—then decompressed to its original length. In ambiguous silence co~dec slows the net to a crawl (and probably your computer as well, since the piece is processor intensive). [Needs Flash Player 6+]

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Jody Zellen Logo Jody Zellen

Zellen's explorations of the urban environment include both architectural and digital spaces. Her projects are site specific and result in the 'unexpected'. Zellen uses images from historical archives and newspapers to explore the relationship between the recorded, observed, and imagined city.

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+ requiem + Logo + requiem +
by Michael Takeo Magruder

+ requiem + reflects upon the collective memory of tragic moments in recent history. The interface map through which the artwork is accessed dynamically re-configures itself each time the spectator views the page. Seven events are randomly parsed from the archive and embedded into the interface, thus creating a series of gateways to the past.
Lewis LaCook Logo Lewis LaCook

LaCook uses the machine's native ability to generate pseudo-random numbers, and to make decisions based on those numbers. Either the text, music or graphic elements are generated this way. While some elements in his works do remain stable, others always vary. A user's collaboration may take the form of simply opening the piece or by having a direct hand in the work's manifestation.
Left To My Own Devices Logo Left To My Own Devices
Geoffrey Thomas

Left To My Own Devices uses the codes of digital games to explore a narrative of loss and awkward renewal. The gameís main character navigates a space of playful interaction and fragmented animation. Game segments take inspiration from the shifting emotional states associated with loss. The characterís backstory is gradually revealed through game play. [Needs Flash Player 7]
Gregory Chatonsky Logo Gregory Chatonsky

Interactive fiction, anonymous stories, technological affectivity, language, space, cinema, temporal flow, Jean-Francois Lyotard, writing, reading, new storage mediums, Bernard Stiegler, Jacques Derrida, hand, eye, organon, esthetics, translation, transformation, mutation, distance, seditio, input, output, incident...

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Reynald Drouhin Logo Reynald Drouhin

Reynald Drouhin uses search engines, web cams, and Internet databases to generate random electronic canvases and photographic mosaics. "He digs into the inexhaustible—and sometimes depressing—manna of data in order to construct his visual cathedrals with virtual matchsticks." — Pierre Bongiovanni

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Nicolas Clauss Logo Nicolas Clauss

Nicolas Clauss is a prolific, multifaceted artist whose diverse interests range from intimate portraits to social and political commentary. Many of his works are interdisciplinary collaborations. Clauss' works conjure terms like "painterly," "gestural," and "mark-making," words that are likely to be unfamiliar to many net.artists. [Needs Flash and Shockwave plug-ins]

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David Crawford Logo David Crawford

Crawford's Stop Motion Studies are experimental documentaries that chronicle his interaction with subway passengers in cities around the world. His goal is to create an international character study based on the aspects of identity that emerge. Series 8 was shot in Tokyo, Japan. [Needs Netscape or Explorer 5.0+ & Flash 6.0+]
Guest Curators
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Paris Connection Logo Paris Connection
by Jim Andrews

Essays, interviews, and links to six Parisian web.artists: Jean Jacques Birgé, Nicolas Clauss, Frédéric Durieu, Jean-Luc Lamarque, Antoine Schmitt, and servolvalve. Produced by Jim Andrews and Nancy Paterson (Canada), Helen Thorington (USA), Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil) and Roberto Simanowski (Berlin). Presented in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese with the help of fifteen people from seven countries. [Needs Shockwave]

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subRational eRuptions Logo subRational eRuptions
by Ryan Griffis

subRational eRuptions is an attempt to give some aesthetic representation(s) to sites of conflict and resistance that are often overlooked in both current aesthetic and political critical theories... Includes deGeuzen, Olga Goriunova, Miranda July and Emma Hedditch, Mendi Obadike, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga. [Needs Flash Player 6]
Duchamp's Ideal Children's Children: Net.Art's Brat Pack Logo Duchamp's Ideal Children's Children: Net.Art's Brat Pack
by Eryk Salvaggio

Salvaggio presents the works of four net.artists under the age of 25 as well as the interviews he conducted with each of them. They are Cory Arcangel, Kalx.com, Geoff Lillemon, and Michael Mandiberg.

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ICONography Logo ICONography
by Patrick Lichty

From Lascaux to the computer desktop, the practice of creating iconographic language has been part of human existence for thousands of years. Lichty considers the role of the icon in computer and human culture in context with the works shown in this exhibition.
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Selections from "Muscle and Blood Piano" Logo Selections from "Muscle and Blood Piano"
by Barbara Lattanzi

Sampling the classic horror movie, "Nosferatu" by F.W. Murnau (1922), the selected shockwave applets test one model of interactivity in which the interpretive process of cinematic editing is meant to coincide with the time of viewing. At a central moment of "Nosferatu," a threshold is crossed, into the 'land of phantoms'. That threshold of horror mirrors the idea of the computer interface itself. Thus, the interactive setting for "Nosferatu" invokes a problematic, unsettling metaphor for the interface - both cybernetic and social. [Needs Shockwave + Quicktime plugins]
Agricola de Cologne Logo Agricola de Cologne

Agricola stands for humanity, and the combination of art and humanism; the city of Cologne stands for art and culture. Therefore, the brand "Agricola de Cologne" stands for awareness of history, humanity, and new ways of approaching art. Agricola's "brand" penetrates his art: currently his works are net-based and incorporate strong multimedia, collaborative and networking components. The result is a universe of multifaceted sites and art projects incorporated in the "NewMediaArtprojectNetwork" created by the artist. [Needs Explorer or Netscape 6+, Flash Player plugin]
Desktop Subversibles Logo Desktop Subversibles
by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

As computers and the desktop metaphor reach virtual ubiquity in our daily lives, they also become objects we take for granted in daily use. Desktop Subversibles capitalizes on the ubiquity of our interactions with computer desktops to convey awareness of activity and a sense of shared network space among the members of an online and physical community.

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Paper Rad Logo Paper Rad

Since 2001 Paper Rad has worked non-stop on creating a massive catalogue of self-published comics and cd-rs, video cartoons, tv pilots, hand-painted t-shirts, and stuffed dolls. Their website, paperrad.org, celebrates the power of self-publishing over the internet, merging design and content into one free fantasy Mega-Mall for your spirit.
rent-a-negro.com Logo rent-a-negro.com
by damali ayo

damali ayo conceives web-art as performance, which she also creates for the stage and street. Her visual art has shown in Portland, Seattle, New York. Her work has been described as "boot-to-the-head blunt" and "archaeology of the present."

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Galza Logo Galza

Galza is a group of artists who draw ASCII-art. The images are released in zipfiles, as it is common in the underground art scene. "To spread our art over the world, so that it can become known to a broader public, we do exhibitions occasionaly and we've come up with this new site." [Needs Flash Player 6; use arrow and esc keys to navigate through each artist's work]
by Francesco Michi

THEBIGEAR is both a literary and musical project that proposes building a soundscape by imagining an ear that is powerful enough to perceive sounds coming from an endless acoustic horizon. Participate in the project by describing the sounds you are hearing at this moment. Through the web we share not only materials and instruments, but also experiences and memories.
Alphanumeric Labs Logo Alphanumeric Labs
by August Highland

Alphanumeric Labs is the first project presented by a member of the "Superheroes of Humanities." The Persona is Howard Fineman. There are 20 series planned for Alphanumeric Labs, each containing 1,000 works. The individual works are professionally printed in large-scale format and sold as one-of-a-kind "paintings."

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Life Support Logo Life Support
by Annette Weintraub

Hall for dreamers or impersonal machine? Hospital architecture is an amalgam of elements drawn from religion, the military and the factory. Life Support explores this symbolic coding of space and its underlying mythologies. Four spatial hybrids mixing 2D and 3D representation act as narrative containers for issues of hierarchy, mechanization, privacy and identity. [Needs Flash Player 6]
Confrontation Logo Confrontation
by Annie Abrahams and Clément Charmet

A man and a woman continue to talk without understanding each other. Each uses his or her own invented language. Words of hope — left on the site by visitors — confront images of war found on the web.

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