The first aim of the activities coordinated by the Didactic Department is to provide to all kinds of visitors the keys to contemporary creation, contributing with the necessary notions which may help to contextualise and interpret the work or the exhibition. Contemporary art museums, more than any other kind of museum, must help in the understanding as much as in the diffusion of works of art. The exhibitions held in them have a strong conceptual ingredient, and that is the reason why some aspects as the concept and the process of artistic creation are essential.

In a second place, the didactic programmes offered by the MEIAC aim at contributing to the diffusion of the identity signs of the Museum and its relation, throughout its collection, with Latin America, Portugal an Extremadura. Conceived from the beginning in a specific territory, the personality of the Museum is self-explained in its own physical location: its location in the city and its geographical presence right in the borderline with Portugal.