Museum and Art in the Digital Era

Duration: January 27th – June 2006
Curated by: António Cerveira Pinto

Author(s): Various

The META.morfosis project gathered the works of up to 26 outstanding artists whose works have been distinguished in the new realms of creation and digital art, plus 17 architectural proposals aimed at re-questioning (on the MEIAC’s specific area) the function of the art museum and its urban context in the 21st century.

The exhibition focused on the new, 21st-century art, that is to say, on generative conceptual art, net art, hacktivism and bio-art, calling the spectators and specialists’ attention to the intense and rapid changes operated within the most dynamic contexts of worldwide artistic creation from the mid-nineties onwards.

On the other hand, the ample area of 25,000 sq metres where the MEIAC stands was proposed as a lab to try an in-depth reflection aiming at the enhancement of the museum’s social facilities and its most complete integration in the city, projecting its future behaviour in the context of a growing, diversified and demanding society.

Together with a broad panorama, open to the latest creation of digital art, or a proposal of reflection about the function of the art museum in the 21st century, the main goal of this exhibition was to rethink the very space of the museum, its sustainability, its most friendly and formative relationship with the spectators and its full integration in its urban context as a centre of first-class creation and good cultural practices.

Artists and works:
01 -- 0100101110101101, "Perpetual Self Dis/Infecting Machine" y ""
02 -- Alexei Shulgin, "ABC"
03 -- Amerika-Reddell-Silva, "SOS"
04 -- Andre Sier, "Struct_1"
05 -- António Carvalho, fondos para moviles
06 -- Arcangel Constantini, "Atari-noise"
07 -- Brian Mackern, "Maquina Podrida ( La Desdentada )"
08 -- Christian Montenegro, 10 fondos para moviles
09 -- France Cadet, "Flying Pig"
10 -- Electronic Disturbance Theatre and Electronic Civil Disobedience -
EDT's Public Version of the Zapatista FloodNet. "DDK (Disturbance
Developer Kit)"
11 -- Gustavo Romano, "Nocturno"
12 -- Han Hoogerbrugge, "Nails #2"
13 -- John Klima, "Train"
14 -- Joan Leandre, "NostalG_2"
15 -- John F. Simon Jr., "Every Icon"
16 -- Konic thtr - Rosa Sanchez y Alan Baumann, "Soliloquio"
17 -- Lisa Jevbratt, "Out of the Ordinary"
18 -- Maite Cajaraville, 10 fondos para moviles
19 -- Marta de Menezes, "Nature?"
20 -- Nuno Valério, fondos para moviles
21 -- Olia Lialina, "My Boyfriend Came Back From The War"
22 -- Pedro Zamith, fondos para moviles
23 -- Peter Luining, "RESEARCH"
24 -- Santiago Ortiz, "La esfera de las relaciones"
25 -- Vuk Cosic, "Metablink"
26 -- Young-hae Cheng Heavy Industries, "Artist's Statement No. 45,730,944"

Architects and projects:
FpD_00 - Mr Fung - Los jardines / "Babilonia"
FpD_01 -- Matias Pintó + Mateo Pintó - "Tierra"
FpD_02 -- n ARCHITECTS. Eric Bunge + Mimi Hoang - "Sombra"
FpD_03 -- S'A Arquitectos - "Terraza"
FpD_04 -- a.S*. Pedro Costa + Célia Gomes - "San Valentín" / "L'Amour Fou"
FpD_05 -- Colectivo Cuartoymitad. Ana Miret García + Miguel Paredes Maldonado
+ Ruth Vega Clemente - "Muro"
FpD_06 -- David Campos + Ursula Schneider - "Pista"
FpD_07 -- marcosandmarjan - "E-vernadero" / "El Coral"
FpD_08 -- AMID + a! [Cristina Díaz Moreno + Efrén García Grinda / Luis
Cabrejas + Hsiao Tien Hung] - "Museo Inmaterial"
FpD_09 -- Ayssar Arida - "Mimésis"/ "Quameleon"
FpD_10 -- AIRRIGHTS, architectural studio. Elsa Caetano + Ottevaere Olivier - "Sonrisa"
FpD_11 -- 011.estudio. Bruno Gomes + Renata Furlanetto + Samanta Cafardo - "Palavra"
FpD_12 -- go/a. Daniela Gomes + Nuno Almeida - "Tiempo"
FpD_13 -- ES Studio. Silvestre Castellani - "Hotel de las Artes"
FpD_14 -- Victoria Acebo + Angel Alonso - "Ascensión"/ "Travellator"
FpD_15 -- Daniel Jiménez/ Jaime Olivera -"Resonadores



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