Storm King,
a composition and performance by Amit Pitaru on the Sonic Wire Sculptor machine.


Download MP3 of Storm King performance (Right-Click, choose 'Save Link As')

About the work

The work includes an online video and downloadable MP3 of Amit Pitaru performing the Storm King composition on his SWS machine (see picture). The artist recommends to first look at the video and then listen to the sound file. Due to the frequency range of the piece, its recommended to use good earphones or an adequate sound system with a sub-woofer component (rather then computer or I-Pod speakers).

About the artist
Amit Pitaru builds instruments for his music, animation, dance and interactive installations. His personal and collaborative work with James Paterson has recently exhibited and performed at the London Design Museum, Paris Pompidou Center, Sundance Film festival and ICC Museum in Tokyo. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Storm King is a 2007 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts Inc., for Networked_Music_Review. It was made possible with funding from the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney general at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

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