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Memoryflesh 2.0. A Micro Media Recorder
by Diane Ludin

“Memoryflesh 2.0” is an assemblage of media montages — driven by live “fake suturing” performances — that tells a variety of stories about the human genome’s emergence as a voice of scientific authority. The project’s purpose is to generate a concrete, bodily response to this disembodied, public process. “Memoryflesh 2.0” records the social drama surrounding the completion of the Human Genome Project and brings sciences’ focus on DNA sequencing — the ultimate data body — the fore.

While little is understood about the practical labor and procedures used in the sequencing of DNA, the authority it wields is seen in the public imaginary everywhere. Ludin challenges the notion that DNA is the kernel that determines our individual selves, from body to mind. She records live motion — through bend sensors interfacing with MAX — in order to generate a combination of events that trigger, assemble, and mix media from an online database.

Ludin’s fake suture assembly sessions will be broadcast via streaming audio and video, and then archived with the online database of collected source material. Stay tuned for performances.