Obra en restauración

by Kushal Dave

“Exegesis” is an attempt to understand how people quote the Bible – which parts they choose to quote, and why. It highlights the portions that appear most often on the web and presents excerpts from some of them. The Bible is quoted in a range of contexts: political, academic, scientific, ethical, literary, and, of course, religious. All are on display, along with careful discussion about the meanings and implications of every line.

Where the Bible is used to persuade, Dave is particularly interested in whether it is treated as a set of facts and literal dictates, or as an eloquent expression of subjective ideas. Many pages examine the subtleties, ambiguities and contradictions in the Bible, while others make explicit statements such as “God Hates Fags.” “Amidst all this, though,” says Dave, “a picture of a beautiful and inspirational Bible emerges, with popular passages seemingly just as likely to be encouraging as proscriptive.” “Exegesis” places a set of rules in motion. No editorial selection is applied.