Travel log 85.6/98

I'm looking back. Peeping through the hole I just passed my body through. I can still see 6th street and the apartment complex across. In a blur though. The deafening noise of adjacent worlds rubbing against one another was replaced by a deep quietude. A whispery wind is blowing constantly. I am in the Sunset/Sunrise.

It is a major leap of faith following the trail of my imagination. I look through the hole and I see the familiar world I just left. What it has in store for me I put on hold. I turn my head looking into the vastness of the Sunset/Sunrise and I see a magnificent desert terrain. What future it holds I do not know. Yet the wondrous sense of adventure that has charged my spirit is unparalleled to anything I had experienced before. Therefore, with no further delay I will follow the tracks of the lost treasure. Once found, I will carry its brilliance over to light up my mundane world.