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Infecter creates abstract visual interpretations of computer virus source code. These visual systems are based on the gridded structures that scientists use to map out and read genetic sequences in biological organisms.

Infecter offers a type of digital mapping that is, in effect, the opposite of the biological scientific process, which begins with images and ends up with a type of abstracted chemical language that presents a way to read a biological organism.

Because computer virii are defined by their specific behaviors, and their behaviors originate as language, this project moves in reverse, turning a string of seemingly incomprehensible characters and letters into a viewable and dynamic visual analog.

Taking MyDoom as a starting point, the source code is mapped out and then systematically infected with sections of source code from other prominent virii. This creates a dynamic and evolving visual system, much as is found in genetics. Based on the principles of genetic engineering, which attempt to turn off or turn on specific biological behaviors by inserting new genes or deleting sections of old ones, this project puts into motion an experiment with no hypothesis. The visual properties that will emerge are based not on what we program them to do but by the interactions of language itself.

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Windows or MacOSX and the Macromedia Flash player.
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