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The original version of North Country 2made extensive use of RealAudio for 28.8 modums. Unfortunately, due to a melt down of our Real Audio server in 2007, the RA files are no longer available. The remaining short sounds make use of Macromedia's Shockwave and are still audible on the site. The work also makes use of frames. If you do not have the necessary software, you can download it below.

Or, click HERE and go directly to the story.

A second version of North Country 2 without sound will soon be available.

To download the RealAudio plug-in and player, click here:


North Country also makes use of Macromedia's Shockwave.

To download the Shockwave plug-in, click here:


Netscape is recommended for all Turbulence projects.

Netscape Communicator is the available browser at this time.

To download Netscape Communicator, click here:


We recommend you set your Netscape Preferences to:

Proportional Font--Geneva size 12

or another Sans Sarif font

Fixed Font--Courier size 10


North Country 2