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Netart latino database

La netart latino database representa un intento de registrar la realidad del latino entre los años 2000 y 2005. El proyecto, un auténtico banco de datos, realizado por el artista uruguayo Brian Mackern, proporciona la primera cartografía para navegar la cultura digital latinoamericana en una época fundadora y ya irrepetible. La edición, limitada a 500 ejemplares, incluye un facsímil del histórico documento.

Year: 2010
Price: 30 €

The discret charm of technology. Arts in Spain

Over half a century or more of existence, art forms using audiovisual, computerised, digital or telematic technologies not only have become firmly established, but they have also spread their influence and imagery to practocally all other forms of contemporary art. This publication, being one of the most thorough in Spain, addresses the development they achieved in our country.

Year: 2008
Price: 30,00 €

Art, Science and Technology Interrelations

This book was published for its presentation at the Cervantes Institutes of New York and Beijing. It includes plenty of information on MEIAC’s collection of new media and a detailed panorama of media art in Spain: experimental film, copy art, computer art and digital animation, holography, audiovisual installation, metaformance, video, internet and multimedia systems.

Year: 2007
Price: 30.00 €

El museo y el arte en la era Digital

In the occasion of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, the MEIAC set up a space for reflection in order to assess and anticipate the new museology of the 21st century, and also to explore the potential uses of the space it occupies: an area of more than 20,000 sq metres, whose metamorphose and most proper urban integration is formulated by architects and artists.

Year: 2006
Price: 60.00 €

Ex Mater. Parque Museo Virtual

Montenor-o-Novo, a municipality in between Lisbon and the Portuguese boundary, was the chosen place for a team of young Portuguese creators to attempt a utopic proposal (and a new model of development) on the specific reality of the landscape of Alentejo. The Visual Park-Museum confronts the future with the past, and respectfulness towards nature with the productive potential of “invisible” technologies.

Year: 1996
Price: 9,00 €. Con CD-ROM incluido: 45,00 €

Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo

The first publication by MEIAC, inaugurated in May 1995. The book includes photographic documentation of the building of the former prison turned into a museum, its architectonical project and the programme which identifies it in the context of Spanish museums for its cross-border projection and Iberoamerican vocation.

Year: 1995
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