ARCO' 00
Virtual Gallery

February 9th-15th

The first virtual gallery created by a Spanish museum of contemporary art was presented in the year 2000 in ARCO (International Fair of Contemporary Art). For its installation, eight slate boards were set, supporting eight screens connected to other computers.
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ARCO' 01

February 14th-19th

The youngest generation of avant-garde artists is not so much of an MTV, video or TV generation but rather a Play Station one. The artists who know and live within this new digital culture could not help using this support as a starting point for their artistic projects.
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ARCO' 04
The Immaterial Museum

February 11th-16th

The immaterial museum could become the art museum of the future in this century. The idea is simple: around the physical museum we will see the development of a ubiquitous, virtual, wi-fi museum, designed as a complex plan of technological interoperability, digital communication and cooperation among artists, audience, theorists, workers of the museum and visionaries.
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ARCO' 05
Metamorfosis / Esquema

February 10th-14th

Art as a code :: the museum as a data base :: space as a kind of dialogue
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ARCO' 06
Nature ?

February 8th-13th

The amazing achievements done by Biotechnology or genetic engineering came hand in hand, due to their ethical implications, with one of the most ardent debates in the current times. However, they also opened a broad space for the exploration of innovating ways of artistic expression. At the beginning of the new century, the world of art has also entered into this new paradigm.
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