ARCO' 05
Metamorfosis / Esquema

At ARCO 05, a conceptual plan was shown for the Museum’s metamorphose in the 21st century. In particular, there was an advancement of the homonym exhibition project prepared by MEIAC, and the theoretical plan guiding its evolution in the future (see also the exhibition META>morfosis).

On the one hand, there was a display of the plan with the ideological and formal guidelines proposed for the architectonic mutation of the area of 25,000 sq metres where the MEIAC currently stands. At the same time, fourteen bureaus of architecture were working on line during the ARCO exhibition, showing drawings and speculating on the possible development, and in particular going forward in the design of buildings and small architectural fantasies (which were called Fuentes para el Diálogo – sources for dialogue) aiming at the encouragement of the expansion of the Museum and at facilitating its most harmonious integration within the city. The initial idea is the need to turn this important civic infrastructure into a system of aesthetical and cultural referents shared in society.

On the other hand, some works of software art—and technological art in general—were shown. These works had been recently acquired by the MEIAC in its second operative of purchase of immaterial works of art based on the new cognitive languages, on the intentional use of the latest scientific contributions (for example, in the field of Biology) and on the extensive use of the new interactive technologies. Finally, during ARCO 05, the MEIAC carried out a project of free diffusion of works conceived for mobile phones, according to the concepts and conventions of the worldwide movement for freeware.



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