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The artists who know and live within the new reality of digital culture could not help using the material provided by electronic games as a starting point for their artistic projects. In the absence of a better term, we speak of De-Construction in order to designate the interventions of this brand-new, avant-garde generation in the sphere of interactive culture. They reverse, either dramatically or subtly, the codes of games, or join communities of on-line strategy games, assuming virtual lives which are built upon eminently critical bases from the philosophical or aesthetical point of view.

Des_juego/De_game tackled one of the most current subjects in the field of digital art, that of the relation between art, computer technology and electronic games. The guest artists in this initiative were the JODI (a duet formed by Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans), Catalan artist Joan Leandre and Mexican artist Fran Ilich. From the former, the famous work CTRL-SPACE was shown, displayed in a dark room, giving its back to the audience. Inside the room, four white IMacs connected to the net allowed four spectators/ players to test three levels of deconstruction of the famous electronic game Quake. The piece by Joan Leandro, retro You, uses a digital means to deconstruct simulators of car races, making psychedelic transformations in digital worlds drawn by the creators of the original platforms. Fran Ilich’s Project, Borderhack!, implies a more complex programme of art and politics, and expresses a critical vision of the treatment received by the illegal immigrants in the borderline of Tijuana.

Antonio Cerveira Pinto, art critic and artist, was the curator of this project. The workshop of interactive design Rev Design and the architects Jorge Estriga and Rita Amado collaborated in its presentation. In addition, the web page was specially conceived for the occasion. All the digital artists who wanted to participate in this experience could have access to it, under the frame of a data base consecrated to the search of the most interesting projects in this field.



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