ARCO' 00
Virtual Gallery

MEIAC’s virtual gallery, presented in ARCO in the year 2000, was aimed at exhibiting works of art which had been acquired under a programme of encouragement to digital art. It was one of the first initiatives of the kind carried out by a Spanish museum of contemporary art. Coinciding with this exhibition, the MEIAC was starting a programme of acquisitions, productions and co-productions of works of art specifically developed for CD-ROM, DVD, Web TV and Internet.

The gallery was presented as an installation in which eight pieces of slate extracted from a local quarry were supporting eight flat screens connected to other computers. The group of guest artists for this first cycle of exhibition and acquisitions was called Portal 1. This first portal would pave the way for other web art and multimedia projects.

Curated by: Antonio Cerveira Pinto (art critic, artist and author of the installation Un Caso Notable, which gave shape to the exhibition). Guest artists: Celia Quico, Senses, cd-rom, 1999 (Portugal); Dora García, Heart Beat, off-line/ on-line web application, 1999 (Spain); Eva Mota, no title, web application, 2000 (Portugal); Libres para siempre, LPS, off-line/ on-line web application, 1999 (Spain), JODI, CTRL.- SPACE, off-line/ on-line web application, 1999 (Holland/ Spain); Mayte Cajaraville, What’s Happening in My Living Room, on-line web application, 1999 (Spain); Patricia Gouveia, Ruptura-mercado das paixôes-porque o amor náo está na moda, cd-rom, 1998 (Portugal); Pedro Reis, Zenith of Self Critical Fulfillment, on-line/ off-line web application, 1999 (Portugal), Roberto Aguirrezabala, what: you: get, on-line web application, 1999 (Spain).



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