Art, Science and Technology Interrelations

Madrid: Cervantes Institute; Badajoz: MEIAC, 2007.

Author(s): Between Territory and Globality, by Antonio Franco Domínguez; IP Poetry, by Gustavo Romano; Against the Tirany of Words, by Belén Gache; Lingua, by Iván Marino; Machine and Reality, by Claudia Giannetti; Experimental Film, by Eugeni Bonet; Copy Art, by Marisa González; Computer Art and Digital Animation, by Eugeni Bonet; Holography, by Vicente Carretón; Audiovisual Installation, by Eugeni Bonet; Interactive Installation, by Eugeni Bonet; Internet and Multimedia Systems, by Eugeni Bonet; Metaformance, by Eugeni Bonet; Video, by Eugeni Bonet; Current Words, by Nekane Aramburu and Marisa González; Frases de oro, by Dora García;, by Daniel G. Andújar; Máquina de palabras, by Ricardo Iglesias; Dinero para leer, by mmm...; PROYECTO INDEX (glosario atlas), by Francisco Ruiz de la Torre; Living Words, by Marisa González.

Pages: 191
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ISBN: 978-84-88252-78-4
Written in: Spanish / English / Chinese
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