El museo y el arte en la era Digital

Badajoz: MEIAC, 2006.

Author(s): Ten Years: A Necessary Reflection, by Antonio Franco; The Post-Contemporary Condition, by Ant贸nio Cerveira-Pinto; Official History of And Then What?, by Vuc Cosic; A Chance for Ubicuity, by Carlos Sant鈥橝na; The Immaterial Museum, by Ant贸nio Cerveira-Pinto; Axiomas Five Basic Conditions, by Antonio Franco Dom铆nguez, Ant贸nio Cerveira-Pinto and Carlos Sant鈥橝na; Projects- Babylon, by Mr. Fung; Earth, by Mat铆as Pint贸 and Mateo Pint贸; Shadow, by n ARCHITECTS; Coffee Shop, by S鈥橝 Arquitectos; Saint Valentine, by Pedro Costa and C茅lia Gomes; Climbing Wall, by Colectivo Cuartoymitad; Skate Board, by David Campos and Ursula Schneider; E-Greenhouse, by marcosandmarjan; Immaterial Museum, by AMID +a!; Mimesis, by Ayssar Arida; Smile, by AIRRIGHTS, architectural Studio; Word, by 011.estudio; Time, by go/a.

Pages: 294
Size: 26 x 22 cm.
Written in: Spanish / English
Price: 60.00 鈧