A project by Gustavo Romano

Duration: April 17th / May 30th, 2007
Curated by: Belén Gache

Author(s): Gustavo Romano

The IP Poetry project constitutes the development of a software and hardware system which uses textual material from the Internet in order to generate poetry, which will then be recited in real time by automats connected to the network. The different search instructions (such as all the phrases starting with the words "I dream I am") and the mode and sequence of the recitations (a robot alternating search results, reciting in duet, etc.), will provide the structure and meaning for each IP poem.

It is exhibited as a performance, which is realised during its presentation in different public spaces. Using a sensor of proximity, the system detects the presence of people and sends an order to the robots so that they start reciting the poems created specifically for each event. Thus the Internet search process is started. The results are sent to the automats (IP Bots), which will turn those texts into sound and images that have been pre-recorded by a human mouth reciting. Since every day there is a new web page with new texts on the Internet, the recited poems keep their structure, though the results of the searches vary, and consequently a poem is never recited in the same way.

The IP Poetry project poses the status of poetry, and of the very poets. On the one side, regarding the construction of robots, it points out at the increasing subjectivation of technological systems, which are endowed with certain human characteristics artificially enhanced (in this case, memory, ability to talk and listen to each other). On the other hand, as regards the resulting poetic constructions, it takes advantage of the virtual conformation of a collective human memory through the Internet, by means of a kind of poetry which is based on machinal and random processes.



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