A project by Maite Cajaraville

Duration: February 17th / March 19th, 2006
Curated by: Fernando Castro Flórez

Author(s): Maite Cajaraville

This installation, realised by Marta Cajaraville (1967, Llerena, Badajoz) for MEIAC is projected in three synchronised screens, and is complemented with a series of boxes of light which recreate the images of the narration. In the narration, the swimmer makes a sinuous acrobatic exercise, which is modified by small, imperceptible flaws till an unexpected outcome. With this proceeding, Maite Cajaraville composes a social allegory, naming in a ciphered way, competitiveness, alignment and fragmentation of the self, which implies, finally and dramatically, mental disorder or even death. And this is how her work becomes a metaphor of the risks and imbalances caused to an alienated society by the so-called search for perfection.

Together with the exhibition The Swimmer, a catalogue was published with texts by Fernando Castro Flórez and Mar Menéndez.

Maite Cajaraville has combined for the last ten years her activities as an artist and creative in the realm of the new media. She was co-founder and coordinator of several pioneer projects in her domain. She has also curated the “Mediarama” Festival of Art and New Techonologies, and has cooperated in different magazines about art and new media. As an artist, she hast taken part in diverse art competitions, exhibitions, festivals in Spain (including ARCO, where she was invited by different museums and galleries, and by ARCO foundation) and Europe (in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Gemany).



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