Art, Science and Technology Interrelations

Duration: January 28th / March 15th, 2008
Author(s): Various

Continuing in the same line developed by the museum during the last years, this exhibition included some of the most representative works in the MEIAC’s digital collection, with works by Alexei Shulguin, DJ Rabbi, Olia Lialina, Peter Luining, Vuk Cossic, Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries and Equipo Quiasma, among others. Ever since the year 2000, the museum has been carrying out a schedule of activities and acquisitions around the artistic production linked to the latest techno-scientific advances, which brought the museum into a referential position in the realm of Spanish institutions.

Two exclusive works were also presented from two Argentineans: Gustavo Romano’s IP Poetry, in a version adapted to Chinese, and Iván Marino’s Lingua, which belongs to the broad cycle of works on violence included in the series The Disasters. Being distanced as regards their conception and formal questionings, both works share the use of technological supports, the resort to oral language or the written word and the unfolding of a narrative experience in the digital realm.

Some works in video support were also shown, by the following artists from Extramadura: Maite Cajaraville, Isabel María, Alonso Gil Lavado, Publio Pérez-Prieto and Marta de Gonzalo, together with the digital platform Net-España, which was then incorporated to the MEIAC’ web page.

Net-España, a project by the MECAD curated by Claudia Gianetti (and whose online version was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the MEIAC), makes a recollection of electronic or media art history in Spain, including a broad anthology of Spanish artists (more than a hundred) and their works, as well as plentiful information on the different media and their development in our country: experimental cinema, copy art, holography, video, audiovisual and interactive installation, performance, infography and digital animation, digital photography, art in CD-ROM and on the Internet.

Finally, the exhibition also presented the project Current Words, curated by Nekane Aramburu and Marisa Gonzalez and developed by the Cervantes Insitute. Current Words is based in the relationship between language and artistic works created by means of the use of the network’s resources and possibilities, and includes works by Dora Gracía, Daniel G. Andujar, Ricardo Iglesias, Francisco Ruis de Infante and Marisa González.



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